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If you've recieved this more than once you've got an awsome social concience [Feb. 10th, 2006|02:10 pm]
Seamless Garment


Please forward widely


The Toronto Coalition to Stop the War is calling on all its members and supporters to join a rally against hate and Islamophobia this weekend to protest the publication and distribution of deliberately racist and Islamophobic images in Denmark and around the world. Far from upholding the principle of freedom of speech, these images have targeted a community already experiencing increased racism, discrimination, harassment and, in some cases, violence since the tragic events of 9/11. In addition, these images have only helped to bolster a generalised Islamophobic sentiment that has been cultivated to justify the so-called 'war on terror.'

We make a special appeal to all our non-Muslim members and supporters to demonstrate to our friends in the Muslim community that they are not alone in their opposition to the distribution of such offensive and insensitive images. An attack on one community is an attack on all of us.

The Toronto Coalition to Stop the War is opposed to all forms of racism and has consistently mobilised against Islamophobia, anti-Semitism and racism since we came together as a coalition. Join us on Saturday to show your support and solidarity.

Saturday, February 11
Danish Consulate
151 Bloor Street West
(east of Avenue Road)

Please note: the rally will take place on the NORTH side of the street, opposite the Danish Consulate.

Endorsed by
Toronto Coalition to Stop the War

TCSW is Toronto's city-wide anti-war coalition,
comprised of more than fifty labour, faith and community organisations,
and a member of the Canadian Peace Alliance.
www.nowar.ca stopthewar@sympatico.ca

[User Picture]From: broken_anthem
2006-02-11 05:46 am (UTC)
while I find it regrettable that the first sentence of my post says that hate speech isn't free speech (because technically and semantically it is precisely that, free speech) I believe that the intention is valuable. If a cartoonist in Canada or the US started to draw cartoons that held a positive view of lynching black people or in praise of the holocaust and was published internationally by otherwise credible news papers would the fury or the desire to demonstrate against it be any more or less valid?

It is true that free speech incompasses all kinds of things, including incredibly offensive or racist propaganda. But what is often overlooked by people who are so quick to point this out as a defense of that freedom, it is that freedom of any sort requires a level of personal responsability for it to be productive.

So while yes, these cartoons are a form of free speech it's a negative exploitation of this freedom designed to keep people divided against one another and to perpetuate cycles of violence and conflict which so long as we are in them will continue to be our prisons.
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