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[Dec. 13th, 2005|01:44 am]
Seamless Garment


schillin' for the Radical and xposting all over LJ
this isn't exactly life issue related though it is about radical christianity so it sort of fits... kind of (you can deleete this if it's too much like spam and not enough like topical content)

It's that time of the month again, time for posting all over the place about the Radical's new and finished PDF issue 3!

I ought to start a list of folks who have expressed interest in subscribing to the PDF so that each month when this happens I can just do one big honkin mail out and get it out of the way instead of just sitting around wondering who wants what and when and what their e-mail adresses are. so if you are one of these folks who wants to or has wanted to subscribe please write to me at (the.christian.readical.zine at gmail dot com) and let me know if you want the two back issues in PDF as well. I'm not going to be doing any snail mailing with this zine because PDF and e-mail are both totally free and totally the easiest thing to do. And when you are doing a free monthly publication out of your own pocket you want to cut expenses as much as you can (besides the pdf version is always the better of the two versions anyway, it's got colour pictures, fewer mistakes and typos, and all the links and e-mails are hypertext!)

so yah write me an e-mail and I'll send you a medium sized file over this here information super highway... Straight to your house!

Also this will be the last Christian Radical until February of 2006 because I'm going on holiday however I'll still be accepting submissions for the February issue, I accept submissions until the last week of the month, in this case the last week of feb, so if you've got something to say or you've got art please don't feel shy about sending it in, because it's submissions like yours that keep this zine in print.