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xposted everywhere I thought was relevant [Nov. 29th, 2005|01:48 am]
Seamless Garment


Urgent Action Alert: November 28, 2005

New Attacks on Cite Soleil Residents by UN Troops

The Haiti Action Committee (San Francisco)has received eyewitness
reports over the past four days from Cite Soleil that UN troops have
launched a new round of attacks on the residents there, killing at
least three civilians and gravely wounding others. According to the
preliminary reports:

On Wednesday, November 23rd, UN troops killed one man who was
a maker of kitchen utensils when they fired into his shop near his
home; 5 reported wounded.

Last weekend, UN troops led by Jordanian soldiers killed two
more Cite Soleil residents, husband and wife, and wounded 8
people. More people could have been killed and wounded. Further
investigation is required.

Residents in Cite Soleil are once again trapped and under siege.
This could be a massacre that is in the making as we send out this
alert. Unfortunately, the UN troops have already demonstrated on
July 6th, 2005, and again on other occasions that they will shoot
and kill men, women and children in their homes, in their beds,
and as they go about their daily chores. Now is the time to act --
to let them know the world is watching and demands an end to the

Contact the following officials and demand that they intervene to
stop the siege on the residents of Cite Soleil:

* Craig G. Mokhiber
Deputy Director, NY Office of the UN High Commissioner for
Human Rights
Ph: 917-367-5208 mokhiber@un.org

* Juan Gabriel Valdes
Special Representative of the UN Secretary-General to Haiti
Phone: 011-509-244-9650 or 9660 Fax 011-509 244 3512

* Thierry Fagart
Human Rights Chief, UN Mission in Haiti
Ph: 011-509-510-3183 or 3185 - ext. 6360 fagart@un.org

* US Embassy in Haiti
Telephones: 011-509-223-4711?222-0200 or 0354?Fax: 011
-509-223-1641 or 9038
Email to Dana Banks, Human Rights Officer: BanksD@state.gov

OVER THE WEEKEND OR AT NIGHT -- Call 011-509-222-0200 and
press "0" for emergency.

***Be sure to contact your local media, and ask that they cover
these atrocities.

Please check www.haitiaction.net for updates on what is